Why no talk of Supreme Inserts?

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Feeling the Heat
Sep 9, 2017
Wisconsin, USA
Just curious why there seems to be no talk of Supreme Inserts.

They are definitely unique in many ways:

  • all stainless steel.
  • No secondary tubes (website shows a flat sheet baffle with perforated holes that supposedly achieves same effect)
  • An adjustable "circulating chamber" metal shroud that encapsulates the main unit/firebox. The fans blow into this chamber.
  • No firebrick in the unit
  • Super light weight (200lbs or less on their models, this due to the lack of firebrick and cast iron, I'm sure)
  • Fold down grilling plate (on the fusion models at least)
  • only calls for 5" liner

Here's a view of the grilling plate on the Fusion, along with a view at the naked/firebrickless sides.

Here's their website

The specs look really good on the units - high BTU and low emissions, not to mention the firebox sizes which seem really large given the dimensions listed (for example, the Volcano lists a 3.0 cu ft firebox but has roughly the same dimensions as the VC Montpelier which is only 2.1 cu ft). Maybe these #s are larger than expected due to the dimensions basically being the "inner shell" (as the circulating chamber acts as the outer jacket on the unit), whereas on other stoves the measurements would be inner shell and outer jacket combined.

So, anyone ever see or try or hear anything good or bad about these?
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Feeling the Heat
Sep 9, 2017
Wisconsin, USA
I'm not sure I want to be the guinea pig, lol.

But, I have to admit that it ticks all the right boxes for what I'm looking for. It's flush mount, has big viewing glass, not overly expensive, and I imagine has a really quick heat transfer without any firebrick. I would think overfiring would be much easier on such a unit, though?

I just find it interesting how different these units are. With how little talk/recognition there is of them they either just don't compare in real world use or they haven't figured out the distribution side of things.


Minister of Fire
Oct 10, 2009
We sold a number of them at a stove store I worked at years ago- it was a nice burning unit espec for the cost. We did have one customer who overfired it and warped some of the stainless baffles inside. They are a nice looking stove and they do burn well. I do like their free standing double sided stoves, a very unique look in multiple colors too....


Burning Hunk
Nov 6, 2016
Near Fergus Ontario
They look a very good product. Seems like a lot of good technology built into the units. I'd like to see how thick their stainless steel firebox is and how susceptible it is to warping after a couple of seasons of 7/24 burning. I really like their 2 sided fireplaces. Looks like they would actually be pretty functional at heating the home.


New Member
Nov 24, 2016
Any more reviews of the Supreme Fusion 24? I like the looks and it is one of the only inserts I've found that fits perfectly in my fireplace, which is wide but not particularly deep.

Does anyone have thoughts on the lack of fire bricks? I assume it means the stove will heat up and cool off faster? I'm not worried about 24 hour burns so maybe this is fine.

Also, any thoughts on how well this stove will respond to medium sized fires? I notice there is only one "automatic air control". Say I want a quick hot fire to bring the house up to temp, but without overheating it. I'm torn between the smaller 18 (1.8 cu ft firebox) vs the 2.4 but the exterior dimension of the 1.8 are exactly the dimensions of my fireplace opening (36x24) so there would be no overlap.