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peakbagger Posted By peakbagger, Apr 18, 2013 at 2:09 PM

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    One of the firms I use to buy solar components from has an earth day sale most years and this year its 10% off on earth day. I am getting ready for another 2 KW install and as usual need a lots of small stuff so my list is made for Monday.

    Just search for Arizona wind and sun

    I sure wouldn't try to design a system over the weekend to get the discount but if you need or want something and was planning to buy soon, it may be worth checking out. Just remember shipping may offset the savings. They have a very active solar forum that I participate on. I think the special code is Earth but the directions are posted on the forum.

    I use the sale to justify buying one of the premium midnight sun surge suppressors in place of Deltas which have proven to be just about useless. Sure the Deltas may clamp eventually but well above what the electronics will take.

    Between them and Alt E I can usually find what I need.

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