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    I have looked in your database of questions and could not find the answer. I have a Freedom Bay model that I purchased last year on 10.30.99. I purchased this piece of equipment because I was assured that I would be able to heat and still look through the glass and see the fire. That has not happened. The heating is just fine, but the windows get so black that it is impossible to see the fire burning. I have used small pieces of wood thinking that it would help. I have followed all of your burning instructions to the letter and nothing seems to help. Do you have any suggestions?


    Perhaps the stove is too large for the area to be heated. This causes you to use it at a lower rate of burn and therefore smoke up the glass. Of course, you can't do much about this, so I have some other suggestions.

    The glass is kept clean by an "air wash" which means the combustion air is dropped over the glass before it enters the fire.

    keeping this in mind, a good draft is required to make this function correctly. Most important:

    1. Start the stove hot by perhaps keeping the door cracked open until fire is roaring. This warms the chimney and gets the draft going

    2. When adding new wood, make certain to run it for a short time with the draft full open.

    3. Do not close the draft control completely at any time.

    4. Keep some embers toward the front bottom of the stove. If you place wood in and it sits right up front on the bottom of the stove, it can block air from getting to the bed of the fire.

    The glass will not stay perfectly clean, but you should still get a nice view most of the time.
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