Winterwarm 1280 oh no I bought itūüėĚ

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Feb 25, 2024
Oakland ca USA
This weekend I purchased a used but not abused Winterwarm insert for our main room large fireplace. Let me quickly say I have a Lopi Answer which I purchased used and also installed my self in our great room kitchen dining area and I truly love that stove.

The fire place where the Winterwarm is headed is a beauty custom and large. It was only rarely used in the last 70 plus years since house was built 1952. My plan is to set the insert in place and use it next winter to see what problems occur and next tear it down correct problems re seal and gasket it replace defect parts. PO said that they did not use the catalyst/combuster box but the stove worked well for them.

I have looked around in it to find this combuster box once located I may take it out to inspect its condition which I assume is shot!

It should look fine once set up ‚ÄĒI‚Äôll post that photo later this week when it is set up!

Winterwarm 1280-1.jpg

Winterwarm 1280-2.jpg

Winterwarm 1280-3.jpg
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