Wonderwood Circulator Wood Heater

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Aug 13, 2008
cortland ny
any of you here have/had/know someone that has this wood stove....



any thoughts
It'll throw tons of heat, but will also eat up the wood, and will have a max life expectancy of 10 yrs or so before it gets warped out. There have been literally dozens of variants from different companies with this same design. Its light, relatively inexpensive, pretty easy to use. Good for a shop, camp, etc... or in your basement for when you need some extra oomf... nothing I'd put in my living room, however. Get a pipe damper installed, as it's epa exempt, and a tub of furnace cement to patch the firebox in a few yrs...
We had one when I was a kid. It worked pretty well, but, ya, about ten years was all that it lasted. I'm sure they haven't changed much in the last thirty years.
Like summit said, good for occasional usage, but not something I would rely on every day.
As Summit mentioned . . . it and clones like it have been around for many years. Lots of heat . . . but it is not efficient or clean burning. Old timers will swear by these and Ashleys and tell you that they're the best woodstoves you can buy . . . of course these are the same folks who are right now busily cutting up their firewood to burn this Fall.
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