Wood Burner Flue Advice?

EnglishmanInfrance Posted By EnglishmanInfrance, Sep 23, 2006 at 11:51 AM

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  1. EnglishmanInfrance

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    Sep 23, 2006
    Hi I'm installing a godin wood burner with an 80mm diameter exit which is about half way up at the back. I would like to pass the flue (metal tubing) directly out the back of the fire through the wall which is 60cm thick. This would then go on a T-piece with a blank on one end to allow for cleaning and the flue will then go up through an outside chimney which I'm going to build around it.
    At the moment I've partly built the chimney and have tested the stove out but I'm getting smoke out the top of the stove when I light it and now and then afterwards as the stove burns. Bare in mind I'm
    only using 8ft of the flue during this test. Is this problem because the flue is going horizontally out the back of the fire before going up rather than vertically straight from the stove? Or could it be because the chimney/flue is not at full height yet? This is my first attempt at installing a wood stove, flue and chimney so any advice would be much appreicated! Dan :)
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    It is because the vertical part of the flue is not yet high enough. Chimney draft is caused by the height of the flue - but you have to substract the horizontal portion. Make certain that you have a slight slope (rise) on the horizontal pipe. Also, the weather will affect draft.

    Lastly, flue reversal is common in cold exterior chimneys. Consider some kind of an insulated chimney if such a thing is available to you.
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