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    I have just bought a tiny apartment (600sq ft) in New York, and would like to know if there is any way I can install a wood burning fireplace or stove. I am on the top floor of a five-story building, but don't think the building will allow for large chimney through roof. Can stoves be installed with the outlet through a window or side wall. If I can't have wood, I am not interested in gas at all. So I would basically like to know what my options are (including if I could get permission for chimney through roof) even for a small wood burner. And are direct-vent and ventless just for gas?


    When burning wood, you will need to terminate the chimney above the roof line. Yes you can go through a sidewall with an approved metal chimney system, but you will need to then turn 90 degrees with your chimney and go vertically until you clear the roof line. Then you must be two feet above anything within ten feet.

    My suggestion would be to contact both your nearest hearth dealer, and building code official to see if what you propose is feasible, safe, and allowable by code. And if all seems okay, then also make sure that your insurance company will okay this application. If you cover your bases, then you'll sleep better at night. Good luck.
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