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    I recently completed construction of a new house and have a high efficiency lp gas furnace(90+). I have access to 14 acres of timber and am not sure of how to take advantage of it. I enjoy cutting timber and splitting. I have had fireplace inserts and did like the heat production but didn't like the dust and grit. I've looked into a new insert and due to fire codes I am required to put stainless steel flu liner etc which costs me 1000. The thought occurred to me to see if anyone makes an outdoor application of the wood burner so the mess is not in the house but"pipe" in the heat somehow? Got any ideas?


    Most of the outdoor "waterstoves" on the market are very inefficient- and burn dirty. I think one company- Central Boiler- has recently come up with cleaner one. If you don't care about the view of the fire- a central heater located either indoors or out can be an answer. <p>
    If you do install an insert- the stainless steel liner will help it work properly and make it easier to clean.
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