Wood ID please?

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Burning Hunk
Nov 10, 2018
Tilbury, ON
Scored some free wood, not too sure what it is, any ideas?

Please and Thank you :)
Some variety of aspen/cottonwood...
Based just on bark (thin bark with orangish tinge) I'd go with silver maple as well. Do you still have access to branches twigs. Maple is opposite branching habit.
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It could be silver maple branch wood. I've never seen a silver maple trunk with straight grain like that. Regardless, it certainly appears to be a shoulder season wood and not a high BTU hardwood.
I'm guessing some sort of pine. The grain is all wrong for maple. Way to white of a wood and way to straight. I've seen similar bark on some evergreens here but I don't know the type (my evergreen knowledge is small)
The wood looks like ash but the bark doesn't look like ash.
The wood when split has dark grey and red lines in it, hard to tell from the pics.
Red streaks often indicates box elder. I was thinking that but didn't see any red...
I zoomed in on it. The wood definitely looks like ash. In the bark pic, the bark is damaged hard to get a bark ID. I say it is ash.
It isn't pine.
Any forestry schools or arborists in your area? Without any leaves/branches it can be difficult to ID wood.

Yep. Leaves make it a lot easier to ID as does a pic of the whole plant.

There are phone apps that will ID plants from pics (of leaves or the whole plant) though of course they're not always right.
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