Wood ID?

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Aug 13, 2015
Birmingham, AL
Hey Guys!

Been a sec since I've posted here. Family & Health issues have been past CRAZY.
Nevertheless, a friend of mine blessed with a nice stash of wood....swears it's some type of hickory.

We both ruled out Shagbark, it had been down for about 2 yrs on his Dad's farm and he started processing it a few months ago.
I've heard everything from Sand Hickory, PigNut, White Oak, Burr Oak, and Elm!

Smells like the hickory I had before, but that's long time ago.

Here's the pics and thanks in advance!
No nuts, twigs, or leaves were available.

Wood ID?Wood ID?Wood ID?
Looks like Hickory could be bitternut or pig nut. Burn a few small pieces, nothing like the smell of hickory burning.
Cut a 4-inch block and set it ablaze=Sweet Hickory Smell!!
Use it & black cherry to do some turkey wings & a slab of ribs!

They were CRAZY good and not too smokey!!
Only after you split it, by hand :)