Wood Insert into an existing manufactured fireplace?

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New Member
Jan 11, 2023
I recently purchased a condo and the existing fireplace that is currently in it is an old Pre-Way (no longer in business) manufactured fireplace from the 80's. I was looking for a good upgrade in the looks/heat output department and came across wood stove inserts. Is it even feasible to install an insert into this kind of fireplace using the existing hardware? Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Probably not unless the Preway documentation permits it.


Feeling the Heat
Dec 5, 2019
New Plymouth, Idaho
I had a customer ask if I could install a wood stove insert in a manufactured home from the 80’s that has a pre-existing fireplace with a triple wall stove stainless pipe. I have read some of the post close to this topic but still need your input so I can advise him?