Wood Insert Suggestions for Large Masonry Fireplace

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New Member
Jan 12, 2022
I am looking for recommendations for a wood insert for a masonry fireplace for a house in New England. I have looked at the shops locally but have not found anyone terribly helpful and so I am a little overwhelmed in choosing between so many options. The insert will be installed in a family room that's rather large, about 800 sqft. The house is a Colonial-style, typical New England style house that's about 4000 sqft. My primary purpose is to offset the cost of heating with propane. I don't expect to heat the whole house given the size of it, but would be nice to spare as much propane as I can. We have plenty of hardwood to go around. The fireplace is large, 48" width, 34" height, 24" depth. The hearth extension is stone and it's 20" depth. To match with the style of the house, I am looking for something traditional, not modern. Most of what I've seen in stores seems small for the size of my fireplace--I want to avoid having a tiny looking firebox with more surround paneling than actual fire. I have been looking at large fireplaces, but I am not certain how big is big enough, and how big is too big. Given that the insert will be in the family room, with a TV above it, I want to be comfortable sitting on the couch a reasonable distance from the insert.

Thanks in advance for the input. I'll attach pictures, with measurements given above.

IMG_2491.jpg IMG_2505.jpg IMG (2).jpg

John B

Sep 26, 2012
I put a freestanding Woodstock Ideal into my fireplace and I couldnt be happier. It replaced a Kuma insert that frankly never ran properly.

Woodstock makes great stoves and best of all they are in NH and you can buy and pick it up directly from their factory.



Minister of Fire
Jan 19, 2019
SE North Carolina
I like the stove look. 34” high will limit a few choices.
You could always do a custom surround that fits inside the opening. An all cast stove will have more radiated heat. Jacketed steel or cast over steel will be more convective like an insert.

Don’t got smaller than 2.4 cu ft with a room that big and house if that size.



New Member
Jan 12, 2022
To go with the aesthetics of the house, I have decided to go with enamel. Having said that, it seems that there aren't that many large wood insert options for enamel. And so I have started to narrow down the list...

What do people think of the Clydesdale from Hearthstone versus the Alderlea T5 by Pacific Energy? If anyone has any other recommendations for large, enamel wood inserts, I would be appreciative. I'm aware but not as interested in Montpelier II and Ashford 25 (the Princess is great but doesn't come in enamel).