Wood Moisture Question

JotulOwner Posted By JotulOwner, Oct 2, 2010 at 8:59 PM

  1. JotulOwner

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    I just resplit some splits from various wood piles to see how seasoned they were. I have a quality Protimeter (I happened to have one for other uses) which I tested for accuracy with the testing resistor that comes with it.

    Three of the four older splits I tested read 12-14 percent which is great and seems accurate since they look and sound (when struck) bone dry and have been cooking over this opressively hot Summer and for sometime prior (some for a year or two).

    The last one was oak and I know the guy who recently sold this cord to me didn't season it well. The pile smells green and the splits are colorful (not at all grey). The bees flying around the pile was the last and best indication. The strange thing is that, when I resplit one and tested it, it read in the mid 20% range. I could clearly see and feel that it was still wet, but it still read in the "seasoned" range. I am sure the meter is accurate and I am also sure the split would probably sizzle like a steak on a barbeque. Any idea what's up with this?

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    Burm some and let us know what happens.

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