Q&A wood pallets and construction lumber as fuel?

QandA Posted By QandA, Jan 1, 2005 at 2:20 PM

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    why do you say that it may get too hot?

    also I got some wood about 6 months ago from a tree cutting co. they dumped it in my back yard and I did not cover it the pieces on the ground are wet/muddy, but can be washed. <p> I split a few on Sunday and the wood/sawdust seem kind of wet the piece on top off the ground seem a little dryer someone told me that it would be ok to burn it now even though it may cause more creosote(someone at a wood stove store) would it be wise to buy seasoned wood this winter and use this other wood next winter when it is seasoned.<p>
    I also wanted to make sure this wood is still ok after it dries out since it has rain more than usual this summer or do you think I can use it this season and just get the chimney cleaned


    The burning temperature of wood depends somewhat on the surface area of the wood exposed to the flame. Smaller wood, also which is dry, exposes a lot of surface to the fire, causing a faster, hotter fire.<p>Rainwater will leave the wood quickly if you get it split, stacked and covered on top. You can also move some wood to a garage or heated area a week before burning and it should dry out nicely.
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