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    Just cut done cutting some firewood. I have a lot of small sized wood. How big around should the wood be to split. Does a 4 to 6 inch log need split and will it be seasoned if not.


    Smaller pieces burn faster than larger ones. Thick pieces are good for getting an overnight burn. Smaller pieces are nice for starting up the fire, or maybe just getting a small early fall fire going. There's a time and a place for all sizes of log.

    Most people cut their logs to fit in their fireplace or their woodstove. A 4" or 6" log would might need to be split if it's from a really thick tree, and it might be easier to get in the woodstove. Then again, it might not, experience will help you make the right decisions.

    Check out : https://www.hearth.com/what/essentials.html for some more answers. A huge amount of questions and answers are also located elsewhere on the hearthnet site.
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