wood stove boiler combo

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Jan 21, 2023
Hello Everyone, Thank you in advance for your input.
We moved into a home in the suburban area from city apartments.
The house looks like a dream home. lots of space, beautiful slopped logged ceiling through out 2500sqf open concept layout.
One thing our home inspector missed was the ceiling insulation(R8 rigid foam board), lots of huge windows, sliding door....
House was build back in 70s, maybe the building code or the town inspector was more lenient back than.
Anyways we currently burn about $1000 of oil a month, bleeding money out the ceiling.
We currently have Regency wood insert at one end of the house maybe helps as little as $100 of oil cost a month, but constantly have to burn the stove.
A lot of work constantly stocking wood just to keep one side of the house warm(maybe 65 degree)
A lot of work for little return, and seasoned wood is not cheap.

But I must say its a lot of fun, seen a lot of off grid home video and its really addictive. lol
Next winter we will be better prepared. plan to cut down trees and add a hottest stove in the middle of the house.
Great thing about open layout home is that if we place the stove in the right location and also hook it up to our existing hydronics system we might get about $500 cut on our oil heating cost or better.

Question -

1-which Woodstove will help me achieve this? Regency F5200 at 8000Btu is the hottest in Regency, anything larger?
2-To convert the stove to supplement my hydronics system, I have seen the stainless steel coil, is this any good? will it work? is there a wood stove already built with hydronics hook up? an indoor model that looks like a wood stove and not like a boiler.
3- https://www.stovesonline.co.uk/stoves_with_backboilers.html got this link from a google search. looks like what i am looking for., is there a US model that performs and looks similar?

Thank You

mark cline

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Dec 20, 2012
Cattaraugus, NY
My first thought would be to improve your insulation in the roof. Do you need a new roof, if you do then you could strip the old too and put down more rigid foam insulation. My log home has log rafters and on top of that is 9” of polyisocyurnate foam board, for R 65 . At the 26’ high ridge , there is only 2 degrees of difference in temperature than at floor level.
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Aug 22, 2010
Northern Canada
My first thought was add insulation as well.
My roof is R80 to R120 depending on the pitch of my roof.
$1000.00 a month for a house that isn't in the Yukon,Ouch.
I have a few customers that have exceeded the $1000.00 a month this year with the high fuel prices.