Wood Stove for lake of the Woods Cabin

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New Member
Aug 25, 2023
Our cabin has an old wood stove pictured here. The metal is warping causing the door to no longer close properly so we would like to replace it.

The cabin is not used in the winter so the stove exists mostly to take the chill off on cold mornings for my grandfather. Plus some more consistent use in spring and fall.

I’ve found lots of good info here on brands and design, but I ran into one thing I’m looking for some advice on.

In the winter we empty the water system and shut off the power. As a result the cabin can get very cold think -30C. Is there any problems that might result from that? My uncles sometimes come out for a day in winter and will have a fire, should we be thinking about starting a fire in the stove when it’s that cold?

Wood Stove for lake of the Woods Cabin
I couldn't envision an issue firing up a real cold stove. It heats up and expands as it would do from any temperature. An issue can be wanting to heat the cabin as fast as possible. You can over temp the stove.
I would look at replacing it with a simple steel stove.