Wood Stove Location - Bitterroot Valley, MT

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May 28, 2022
Bitterroot Valley, MT
Hi All,

Appreciate everyone's input as I've read through dozens of threads over the past few years. Finally getting ready to build and with heating/cost efficiencies in mind am seriously considering a last minute switch from a ZC to a wood stove.

Basic consideration:
  • Wood stove primarily backup heat on very cold days or whenever I feel like it.
  • Radiant floor heat primary source first floor with electric resistance 2nd floor (rates about 7.4 cents per kwh)
  • Ceiling fan in Entry to help airflow between 1st/2nd floors
  • TV planned to be mounted on wall above current ZC location
Considering the SW corner for these reasons but open to consider otherwise:
  • Airflow, with hot air rising, seems like it'll naturally pull hot air from SW corner through great room-entry-2nd floor
  • West windows (facing mountains) will be coolest in winter so maybe the extra heat with the stove in this area could offset that coolness?
  • Aesthetics - think it'd look quite nice there, with wood stacked under the TV mounted in same location. Obviously would have straight wall without area previously planned to build for ZC.



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rates about 7.4 cents per kwh
Oh man, I am jealous. I pay $0.24 per kwh. Thank the fire gods for solar panels!

I dont have much advice on your dilemma other than I much prefer the wood stove look/feel to a ZC. Hopefully some other folks can answer you more scientifically!

Best of luck.
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