Wood stove options and opinions needed please

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Jan 10, 2012
North of Albany NY
I currently have an Avalon Olympic wood stove- way too big for my sq footage. Im in northern NY and my house is only 1500 sq feet so my plan is to buy a more appropriate size woodstove and move my Olympic to the garage. I want long burn times so I’m going between Hearthstone Heritage and Blaze King Princess. Opinions please


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So, for those who aren’t from this area, there’s a huge difference in weather “North of Albany NY”. Saratoga and Lake Placid are both north of Albany. Saratoga may see -6F 3 times a year. Lake Placid, in the high peaks will see -6 many times and -20F 3 times a year. Windchill in Lake Placid is also a bear.


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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Yes, I am surprised it would be too big for northern NYS, unless the stove room is somewhat cut off from the rest of the house or the place is very well insulated. Highbeam can tell you the difference between burning in the Heritage vs the Princess.
Also, wood stoves are not permitted in garages, check with the local inspecting authority and insurance company first.