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    I have a few questions - hope that's ok. I am planning to convert an existing fireplace into a heating source for my home. I would like to determine the most efficient solution: either a fireplace insert (wood - we do not have gas lines) or a wood stove. Is one of these more efficient than the other?Is there a significant difference in cost for the units or for maintenance costs?Is it possible to heat another room that is connected to the room with the stove/insert by only one doorway? The room with the stove is 14'x18'; the other room is 11'x18'. Do blowers in the unit really help circulate the air to other rooms? Can the blowers be directed to a certain area or do they simply blow away from the unit?Is it possible to heat a room that is directly above the room with the stove if grills are installed in the ceiling of the room with the stove and the floor of the room above?


    Most inserts are just stoves with a surround and blower..however- if you get an insert that extends 6 to 10 inches on the hearth you will get more radiant heat.No- if anything a small "hearth stove" will cost a little less than an insert.Best to use a small fan in the doorway (available at stove shops) to move heat from one room to the next. Definitely- heat rises and will do the job if a grate is installed. (The room above is about the same size) How safe is it to leave the stove/insert burning overnight? unattended?No problem- just make certain the area around the stove is clear of debris and paper and make certain that you have adequate floor protection in front.
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