Wood turbine blades!

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Oh yeah, by the way maybe disposing of tens of thousands of turbine blades reaching the end of their useful life might be a problem. Good some folks are looking ahead. The versatility wood is sometimes overlooked. Balsa composite blades seem elegant. I wonder how recylcling them would work. Are there some non toxic glues and sealers that would be used?

At the the University of Maine they are coming from a different direction. While they have been researching and promoting wood composite solutions for years and are deep into an offshore wind generation project, they just got a grant to study recycling composite blades to be used as 3D pinter material. Great if it comes to something. They do have some experience with 3D printing with the second largest 3D printer in the US. They have successfully printed a house and then two boats for the USMarine corps. The smaller one can hold a rifle platoon with all equipment and three days rations. The larger can hold a twenty foot shipping container.