Wood usage for a Lopi Flex 95

gzecc Posted By gzecc, Feb 8, 2013 at 10:27 AM

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    Looking at a used Lopi. Can any users give any feedback?
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    I moved your thread over to the hearth room where it might get a better response for this style question.

    This is a pretty good sized stove at just under 3 cubic feet and a cat stove too. So, if the cat is new and/or working properly, this stove would probably heat a med to decent sized home with well seasoned fuel in NNJ on about 4-4.5 cord of wood depending on about 10,000 variables. 5 cord should give you come wiggle room and help with that first year learning curve.

    All depends on how you plan to use the stove, how well your home spreads / retains the heat, how hot you like it, if you are willing to supplement in very cold weather, etc, etc.

    Being a cat stove, if not run full tilt, I could see it cleanly burning much less fuel also.

    My first year with my new stove I went through almost 5 cord. The following winter was about 4.5 cord. Last year was mild so it was only 3.5 cord. This year is looking like it will be about 4 to 4.25 cord if things keep going as they are. With my fisher, pre-epa stove, I was going through upwards of 6 cord.

    How much wood you chewing through with that Buck stove now? Plan on using this thing this same way?


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