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CT-Mike Posted By CT-Mike, Feb 18, 2010 at 6:22 PM

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    I am finishing the room over the garage and looking into heating options. My woodstove is downstairs on the other end of the house and there is no real way for it to heat the new space. The new space is going to be used as a bedroom so I can't use a solid fuel appliance. This has me looking at the Jotul GF 300DV Allagash.

    One of my concerns is heating costs. I will have to get a propane tank installed, but I am looking to going to a gas range in the kitchen anyhow, so a gas stove in the bedroom seems a cost-effective way to heat the new space.

    What does everyone think, what kind of monthly cost would I be looking at to heat the space during the winter?

    Also I could use some install photo links so I can give the wife installation ideas.


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