Q&A Woodburning vs. gas stoves!

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Nov 27, 2012

We are thinking about getting a woodburning or gas stove to put in our fireplace. I have read all of your questions & answers and have not seen this question: Would you recommend the woodburning or the vented gas stove? The fireplace we have now has the awful smell (thanks for the tip about the fireplace deodorant) and is impossible to light...plus our house is freezing (heat pump) and we wanted something that would also help heat up the room. My concerns are with the wood that it will smell, and my concerns with the gas are the same. One time we had a kerosene heater and I had migraines from it. I am very sensitive to smells and I would like to know your opinion. Is it usually ventless stoves that have the odor or both? What are the pros and cons to both wood and gas stoves? And if I used the gas stove every night for a few hours how much about does that cost? And MOST IMPORTANT, what is YOUR opinion as to which way to go? Do you also favor one company from another?


Not to duck the question, but it's really a lifestyle decision. If you are sensitive, you may not want a vent-free gas stove. This still leaves both B-Vent and Direct-Vent gas inserts and fireplace stoves. Neither will aggravate you as far as the smell goes. Wood is something you have to enjoy...if you like the cutting, splitting, stacking and lighting of a wood fire, then it's great. The fire is (of course) more realistic than a gas fire. If your stove is natural gas, it will cost about 20-30 cents per hour, if LP, about double that. Both gas and wood stoves will require service and parts over time. I have one wood stove and one gas stove in my home, so my opinion is that one cannot service more than one wood stove...

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