Woodstock ideal steel Rattle

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Jan 15, 2016
Ok I have had a ideal steel for 4 year .
I have has some issues with firebox that cracked and had it rewelded I don't think tis is part of issue

So its been 5 years and this year it developed a rattle that is consistent once stove worms up and drives us nuts

So I replaced all gaskets, the cat, the sled . parts all in 500 first major service I did so it was warranted gaskets were shot

well its still rattling

We are looking to move away from the wood and go to pellet eventually because of the mess

so was hoping someone could help brainstorm the rattle it sounds like its coming from rear stove
Could it be the blower? I’d start pushing on stuff while it’s rattling to see if the vibration stops.
Pellet stoves are noisy.
Have you found the problem?

The very heavy and solid IS stove has no moving parts. No motors, blowers, fans, etc. What could possibly rattle? Is the whole house rattling?

A pellet stove is super noisy all the time in comparison. On purpose!