Woodstock IS Smoke Flap

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New Member
Dec 5, 2023
Hi All,

We recently installed a new Woodstock Ideal Steel. So far, very impressed. Much longer burns than the insert it replaced, which was the goal. However, the smoke flap doesn’t seem necessary. After burning my hand and wrist on it a couple times I am ready to lock it up and out of the way. The manual says this is possible by pushing it up and back. But so far no luck: the flap just drops back down. There is a small latch in the upper left hand corner of the stove that should be catching the flap and holding it in place. Perhaps I need to adjust the latch? Does anyone have any experience with this and advice to offer? Thanks in advance!
This doesn’t answer your question directly but you should not be burning your hands or wrists. Stove burns can be pretty bad and painful. Get some long stove gloves or long welding gloves. Getting the gloves should make the smoke flap a non issue.