Woodstove Pipe Adapter Needed?

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New Member
Nov 18, 2023
Homestead, Alaska
Greetings from Alaska! Looking for some help figuring out this double wall stove pipe and existing ceiling fitting. Replacing the old double wall stove pipe with new Selkirk 6" double wall telescoping/adjustable pipe. The old pipe fit into the ceiling fitting perfectly but this new pipe just wont go in [note scratches on the new pipe from woman-handling it]. You can see on the new pipe crimping scratches that it only goes about halfway in to the ceiling fitting. The old pipe fit! What's going on? Does this new pipe need an adapter? Am I totally doing this wrong? Any help would be so appreciated!


Frustrated in Alaska

Woodstove Pipe Adapter Needed?Woodstove Pipe Adapter Needed?Woodstove Pipe Adapter Needed?
This may take a DSP adapter to mate the two different system.

Woodstove Pipe Adapter Needed?
The crimped end of your new pipe goes on the outside of the existing adaptor pipe.
Normally true with the Selkirk support. The problem with this one is that they are both roughly of the same OD due to the crimping. That's the purpose of the adapter.