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QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 18, 2007 at 12:09 AM

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    I just acquired a Franklin stove and want to get it set up. Thanks in part to your site, I've become aware of a few safety issues. The house has an existing masonry chimney (I think unlined, but I'll check). It has a pipe from the living room, which I gather was used previously for a gas stove. This is what I want to hook up the woodstove to. Below where the pipe feeds into the chimney, is the exhaust pipe for the gas furnace in the basement. I realize two key issues: First, the ability of the chimney to handle heat from the two sources. Second, the risks of getting exhaust from one appliance backed up into the house. My question is, in order the make the chimney safe in terms of the heat and the exhaust gas, can I extend single wall pipe from the woodstove, inside and up through the full length of the existing chimney? Essentially lining the exhaust path of the stove, and separating the exhausts from the stove and furnace?


    Having either the gas or the wood into an unlined chimney is not up to current standards. The best thing might be to line the chimney with stainless steel for the wood stove and a separate aluminum liner for the gas furnace.

    11/2007 technically both of the units should be hooked to separate flues even if they're lined.
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