XXV Distribution Blower replacement question

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Donn Fletcher

Jan 10, 2012
South Western NH
Hello everyone been a long time since being on here. I’ll get to the point. My XXV is about 12 years old. Last I noticed I wasn’t getting much blowing power from my stove. I opened up the back and really cleaned out the distribution blower. Worked well the rest of the winter. This year the cleaning didn’t do it. Stove still runs blower still working but not much power.
My stove is not one with a high low fan toggle.
I ordered a new blower that I do have. It has a detail of where the wires go. However even though the site said it came with wires and connections it didn’t have the wires. Contacted the company and they sent out the wires with connections on them. The odd thing is the wires are all orange and one of the wires is just a rink short thing. What’s the easiest way to follow what wire gets connected to where and any idea what little short wire is? Also I thought I read you don’t have to use the existing green ground wire?
Thank you