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dgold Posted By dgold, Dec 25, 2008 at 2:02 PM

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    My best friends Yahoo email account was hacked two nights ago. To make a long story short, they then changed his password and solicited all his friends to send him a check... which is how we all learned it was hacked. Somehow (no, I don't know how) It got traced back to an internet cafe in Africa! There's a clip on youtube showing a program which basically hacks yahoo email accounts -- very scary -- especially if you keep electronic bank statements or other sensitive stuff in there.

    Word to the wise, if you use Yahoo email, go to your email and do the following...

    Somewhere near the top of the screen, where it says "Hi, David" (in my case), click on the little down arrow next to it.
    Edit your profile and settings to add another email address by which Yahoo should contact you.
    That way if someone hacks your yahoo and tries to change the PW, you get a note in your other email account that "you changed your password" and if it sounds fishy, there's a link you click to basically say "no I didn't".

    Also, make sure your two email accounts don't have the same password or else you'll have two hacked email accounts.

    Hope this helps someone. Fixed mine and my wife's last night.
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