yep that time of year

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Dec 2, 2017
Well it had to happen no matter how well i service the stove in the off season something starts to fail in the winter. Must have a bearing going in one of the blowers since its squealing at startup.. This time i just bit the bullet and ordered both so i have a spare. Im thinking its the distribution blower since i have never changed that and its probably getting due..

Well thats my complaint for the day..LOL
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What blower kicks in when it starts to sense heat/flame? Trying to figure out what blower is starting to fail without pulling the panels off and the sound is resonating inside and i can't tell.. Id pop the panels but they are a real pain to get back on with the screws on the back side and it being so close to the wall i can never find the screw holes. When i pull it apart this time i may drill and tap some new screw holes on the side where they can been seen..
Depends on your stove. On all, the combustion blower comes on as soon as you start the stove. On most stoves, then the room blower comes on after the stove warms up. But, some, like some Whitfields, the room blower comes on right away,also.
Perhaps put your stove in your signature??
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When starting your stove, the Room Air Fan will not come on until the stove's heat exchanger warms up. This usually takes about 10
minutes from start-up