Zero Clearance Fireplaces and Manufactured Homes

sdnmusician Posted By sdnmusician, Dec 31, 2009 at 9:30 PM

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  1. sdnmusician

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    Dec 31, 2009
    Hello All,

    I am new to the site and had a question and couldn't seem to find where it was already answered on here so I though I would post.

    My wife and I just bought a brand new Manufactured home. It already has a zero clearance Vexar/Stylecrest/DESA fireplace in it. We wish to switch to something more effecient to help heat our house. I have been looking at high effeciency EPA rated fireplaces (bis ultima, napolean, etc.) My question is this. Do I have to have a "mobile home approved model or can I use any that will fit in place of what I have as long as it meets all the clearance criteria? It just seems that the ones I have seen that are "mobile home approved" are quite small.

    By their specs they seem that they could heat my home fine, but I guess I am curious as to anyone else's experience.

    My home is 1600 sq ft.

    The units I have look at that are approved are the Napolean NZ26, Osburn Stratford, Bis Ultima Tradition CE

    All replies are very welcome. Thanks
  2. webbie

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    You might have to do a bit more research. It used to be easy to know what was a mobile home and what was a manufactured one - often it was the wall and roof thickness and construction as well as the foundation situation. There is also a requirement for outside air.

    As a result, the instructions for mobile home approved stuff would require things like bolting the stove to the floor (hurricanes, etc.), supporting the chimney pipe on the stove itself (because the roof could not hold it) as well as outside air.

    So if you unit is on a permanent foundation, it might be classified differently...especially if the fireplace is going to go outside the house (bump out).

    I'll let others answer if they have other info - but my thought is that you have to pick the exact unit and then talk to their tech dept.
    I would suggest talking to your building official, but many areas in WV may not have them...
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