Concorde Catalytic

Nov 24, 2013
Concorde Catalytic
  • The First Catalytic Wood Stove

    The Concorde Catalytic Stove was the first commercially available catalytic stove, having appeared on the market about 1981. The catalytic converter in it was developed by Corning Glass Works working along with various companies in the hearth industry.

    Our shop, Stoveworks, sold and installed a number of these stoves. We were completely amazed at how much heat was produced by the smoke - heat that was previously going up the chimney! Although the stove was imperfect, it was followed by a number of decent designs from Russo, Lakewood and others.

    From the Nu-Tec web site.
    " Peter Albertsen has been involved in the hearth industry since 1975 when as a sales engineer at Corning Glass Works, he helped develop the high-temperature transparent glass-ceramic market for wood stoves.

    In 1980, he developed the first commercially build catalytic wood stove. The Concorde ® Catalytic was the start of the trend towards clean burning, efficient wood stoves. The Concorde ® Catalytic also incorporated the first stay clean window system. The stoves were produced by Roper Corporation and marketed by Scandia Stoves."
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