Scandia Stoves

Nov 24, 2013
Scandia Stoves
  • Scandia stoves were made in Taiwan by Franklin Cast Products of Warwick, RI.
    The stoves were mostly copies of existing American and European designs, but of much lesser quality.

    Most stoves were imported during the time period 1979 to 1984. The company went out of business - possibly due to lawsuits from Manufacturers regarding copies of their stoves (Trademark and other such violations).

    They also marketed one of the first catalytic stoves, the Concorde Catalytic, which was produced for them in the USA by Roper (large appliance maker).

    Here, in two parts, is the owners manual included with most Franklin Cast Products Scandia models..

    Pages 1-32 -
    Pages 33-55 -
    Picture of most models below: