MVPs of the Hearth Industry

May 5, 2013
MVPs of the Hearth Industry
  • This is a work in progress which will list a number of People who have been instrumental in the modern Hearth Industry (1970's to 1990's) - their contribution(s) (in general) are listed in ()

    Charlie Page (marketing, design)
    Stephen Morris (writing, marketing)
    Kurt Rumens (design, marketing, manufacturing, etc.)
    Murray Howell (Vermont Castings founder)
    Duncan Syme (Vermont Castings founder)
    Peter Albertsen (Corning Catalytics)
    John Desautels (engineering)
    Bob Ferguson (engineering)
    Derek Andors (engineering)
    Dane Harman (manufacturing, engineering)
    Jiggs Blackburn (engineering)
    Tom Morrisey (marketing, manufacturing)
    Craig Issod (historian, writing, marketing)
    Joe Biber (retail sales)
    Walter Goodridge (marketing, importing, sales)
    Dan Melcon (writing, consulting)
    Richard Wright (writing)
    Richard Russo (manufacturing, engineering)
    Stu Ackerman (sales, importing)
    John King (sales, importing)
    Brett Watson (sales, marketing, importing)
    Paul Steigmeier (testing, writing)
    Paul Tiegs (testing, writing)