Comforter Wood Stoves

May 5, 2013
Comforter Wood Stoves
  • Comforter Cast Iron Wood Stoves were made in the US by a NH company (Lochmere) from approx. 1978-1982.
    The Company was named Comforter Stove Works and was affiliated with a Christian Community called the Abundant Life Farm.

    The stoves were of a classic Parlor design and had side loading and a detachable front door which allowed fire viewing. A retrofit kit allowing the stove to burn anthracite coal was designed and produced in 1981.

    When using coal, the stove could be top loaded through the cook plate.

    Older units had fixed wooden handles - the latest units (1980+) had removable (detachable) handles on the front and side door.

    The stoves had a 7" oval flue and were available in rear vent only.

    Label from read of UL approved Comforter Stove -

    Old Color ad for Comforter Stove -