May 4, 2013
  • Sunbeam (Bennet-Ireland) Benefire

    One of the nicest looking inserts made in 1979, when most were quite ugly. It was for the occassional fires as opposed to a 24-7 house heater. The units were faced with brass plated steel.

    The Benefire had large glass, tempered, not ceramic - and had stamped sheet metal doors with some air wash which kept the glass at a relatively low temp. Two muffin fan provided the air stream. The top of the unit inside had 5 three inch holes going through the convection chamber vertically (like boiler tubes) to give more heat exchange.

    Was UL approved and was slip-in - no other possible way to install it.

    No firebrick, just some steel fire dogs which kept the fire raised and back away from the glass.