Lakewood Stoves

Oct 21, 2016
Lakewood Stoves
  • A company from Ontario, Canada that made steel wood stoves. They became well known as one of the earliest catalytic stoves that passed the stringent EPA and Oregon test standards.

    Some pics of models are here and attached.

    lw4.jpg Beaver Cast Door; Dimensions: 17-1/2" w, 33" d, 30" h; Firebox: 14" w, 26" d, 15" h; Door 11 x 10"; 6" flue 29-1/4" from floor
    lw3.JPG Sandpiper Cast Door; Dimensions: 16" w, 26" d, 25-1/2" h; 6" flue
    lw2.JPG lw1.JPG Unicorn Double Door; Dimensions: 24" w, 24" d, 26" h; 7-1/2" flue
    Elk double door.JPG Elk Double Door
    Space saver.jpg The Spacemate

    Lakewood Manufacturing Ltd. was located in Bobcaygeon, Ontario with trademarks registered to Gordon D. MacKay. The company also appears to have used the name Lakewood Stove Co. Ltd. Three US trademarks have been identified:
    Unicorn Double Door #73351564
    First Use: 1979-07-11; Filed: 1982-02-23; Abandoned: 1983-12-14
    Cottager #73340980
    First Use: 1979-07-11; Filed: 1981-12-10; Abandoned: 1983-12-14
    Elk Double Door #73340981
    First Use: 1979-07-11; Filed: 1981-12-10; Abandoned: 1984-08-15
    The Elk Double Door trademark appears to have been sold to Ronald C. Barnes Enterprises Inc. of Cole Camp, MO. The name was changed to Elk Pine Stove #73416786. By 1991, continued use was not filed. The Elk Pine Stoves I have been able to find bear little resemblance to the Elk Double Door.

    Four trademarks were registered in Canada:
    Vermont Downdrafter #TMA236375
    Used as Early as: 1977-06-29; Filed: 1977-11-03; Reg: 1979-10-05; Inactivated: 1995-09-15
    Cottager #TMA240156
    Used as Early as: 1977-10-05; Filed: 1978-06-27; Reg: 1980-02-29; Inactivated: 1996-01-19
    Canadian Stepstove #TMA233233
    Used as Early as: 1977-07-08; Filed: 1977-11-03; Reg: 1979-05-25; Inactivated: 1995-01-27
    Fail Safe Abandoned
    Used as Early as: 1981-09-20; Filed: 1981-11-03; Inactivated: 1982-12-21

    There is mention of the stoves in two articles from the 80s.

    Popular Science magazine, January 1982, Vol. 220, No. 1, pp. 77-79 "Now...more heat, less creosote with revolutionary catalytic wood stoves" by Evan Powell

    "At Canada’s Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, the Lakewood Unicorn Catalytic stove showed a combustion efficiency of 94 percent and a heating efficiency of 75 percent. The same stove, when tested without the catalytic combustor, showed a combustion efficiency of 86 percent and a heating efficiency of 64.
    “It’s difficult to compare results between the six or seven laboratories presently testing wood-burning stoves since each uses a slightly different test method,” says Lakewood’s president, Clyde L. Logue. “But most of the labs are finding an increase of 15 to 25 percentage points in heating efficiency using a catalytic combustor.” That’s significant."

    Mother Earth News September/October 1985 "Ten Models That Have Passed the Oregon Wood Stove Pollution Standards"

    In the "Others Worth Watching" section of the article on page 4
    "Lakewood Stove Company (P.O. Box 489, Ont., Canada) has also had extensive testing done by a variety of labs in Canada. In its December 1983 issue, Canadian Consumer magazine picked the Lakewood Special II ($795) over five other catalytic stoves after extensive testing."

    Ryerson University Archives was able to provide a flyer from Lakewood Stoves that was in their files from approximately 1980. (Correspondence re: Research including Ryerson Applied Research Limited 1981,
    Repository: Ryerson University Archives; Reference code: RG 12.190.272)
    lakewood_mfg_ca1980_flyer_front.jpg lakewood_mfg_ca1980_flyer_back.jpg

    Some of the Catalytics: Unicorn, The Spirit, Special II:
    Unicorn.JPG Spirit.JPG Special II maybe.JPG
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