Timberline Stoves

May 12, 2013
Timberline Stoves
  • Yet another heavy steel stove from the late 1970's - similar to the Fisher models. The company lasted only a few years.

    From the thread:

    The Timberline Timeline ;

    Timberline Wood Stoves Inc. was formed in 1977 by Calvin Cotton and good friend and partner Lonnie Eroll Preslar as noted in Lonnies obituary 10-11-2003.

    Notice in this obituary, not only is the company mentioned, but also a brother Ivan Preslar.
    This was Ivan T. Preslar II.

    Ivan partnered with Robert M Weichart President of Adirondack Wood Stove Works Inc.and became Timberline Energy Corp. in NY.

    Ivan was the current acting President of the surviving eastern company in Syracuse NY. during the Bankruptcy Chapter 11 filing April 13, 1981.

    Ivan became a silent partner of Timberline East Inc. formed from this bankruptcy...

    A PDF of an owners manual is in the attachment tab!
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