Morso Stoves

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  • A well known Danish stove company which has been in business well over 100 years. They entered the US market in the mid-1970's with distinctive enamel box stoves as well as a large output fireplace stove named the Morso 1125.

    The box stoves were named 2B, 2BO, 1B and 1BO. The 1 designation was a larger model with square lines while the 2 was smaller and had curved side plates. The "O" designation contained a "second story" heat exchanger arch on top of the stove. Another distinctive feature of the Morso box stoves was a machined front door which fit metal-to-metal against the frame - a tight fit with no gasket needed.

    Attached is a manual for the 1125 and the Morso Handbook for old Morso stoves.