Atlanta Stove Works

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  • Atlanta Stove works was a well known Manufacturers of cast iron and steel stoves - located, of course, in Atlanta GA.

    They closed shop sometime in the 80's - many of their models were then built by Martin Stove Company of Birmingham, AL.

    Their range over the years included hundreds of models of wood, coal, gas, laundry and cookstoves.

    From "The Cast Iron Collector"

    Atlanta Stove Works
    Location: Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia
    Founder: Sam D. Jones
    Period of Production: 1898-1957
    Products Manufactured: Full Line
    Brand Names: Early American

    Atlanta Stove Works Timeline
    1889 - Company founded as Georgia Stove Co.
    1898 - Jones family acquires controlling interest in Atlanta Stove Works.
    1902 - Birmingham Stove & Range Co. established to produce hollow ware and stoves for ASW. Site chosen for plentiful source of high grade iron.
    1957 - Atlanta Foundry closed.
    1984 - Jones family divests.
    1987 - Company sold to Martin Industries of Florence, AL.

    Recent models included the Huntsman and the Woodsman.

    Manual for Atlanta Stove Works Huntsman 241 - PDF.

    The Model 27 Box stove - probably the most copied stove of all time!

    Attached is an article about the Atlanta Stove Works booming in 1976.
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