delta T circulator

chuck172 Posted By chuck172, Aug 25, 2009 at 1:49 PM

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  1. in hot water

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    Look into a motorized ball valve, they consume power to open and power to close, no power consumption while open. just like a manual valve. They tend to have a higher Cv also with a full port opening. They do need a signal to open and close, they are not spring return. more $$ than a spring return valve of course.

    Here is a simple thermostatic zone valve a friend built.

    A greenhouse window operator, connected to a ball valve that he wound a spring around. as the room warms, the ball valve closes down. No power to open or close!

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    If you had a link or a picture, it didn't come through, but the motorized ball valve does sound like what I had in mind for sure...

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