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    Walk softly and carry a big stick.....

    I've never...ever asked anyone if they knew who I was. And, realistically, none of them knew me anyway!

    But the other day I was turning in a questionable warranty for a commercial dehumidifier that broke. The guy said he'd see what he could do In the email and on the phone, I mentioned I used to be in HVAC and I did use my email addy....

    They called back and said I could keep the old one I had fixed AND they'd send me a brand new one also (mine is three years old).

    I assume they got the hint that I was an "influencer". Everyone googles everyone these days......especially when money and reputation are involved.

    Frankly, though, I've found HearthStone to be a bit behind the times in some things. They hardly know who we ( or I am....although in 1997 they were one of our first big sponsors. That was Brett, who then moved to Jotul CEO......and then made Jotul a 14 year sponsor!

    This may seem hard to believe, buy many companies and even individuals are about in 1996 when it comes to all things internet.
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    apologies for beating this dead horse, Ken...
    so, they sed you to do the warrantee work, and reimburse....for what? Just parts? What about shipping of those parts? What about tech travel and labor?

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