burn times

  1. shaman

    Wood stoves and best burn times

    Hello y'all... This is my first post. I joined the forums on this site after lurking in the shadows for about 6 months. (nothing perverted mind you ;-p just trying to learn more by reading as much as I can) This is my first winter relying on wood as my primary and only source of heat. Last...
  2. P

    Feedback on Attack gasification boilers

    Hi! LOVE Hearth.com. Have been following it for a few years now- through my wood pellet boiler, my wood boiler and now- while researching gasification boilers. The Froling and Wood Gun have features that I like...but unfortunately, not prices I like! I have seen some reasonably priced...
  3. S

    short burn times

    Hi. I have a Napoleon 1402 insert and cannot get flame to last more than a few hours. I'm going through a lot of wood. I think I'm burning too hot according to the manual which says optimal pipe temperature is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The stove top thermometer I use is always higher than that...