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  1. A

    Zero Clearance long burn times?

    Insurance wont allow a free standing stove. I would like to install a zero clearance wood insert but can not find anything that comes close to blaze king Princess insert. Blaze King currently has no zero clearance models. Installing masonry would cost close to 10k so out of budget. So with my...
  2. shaman

    Wood stoves and best burn times

    Hello y'all... This is my first post. I joined the forums on this site after lurking in the shadows for about 6 months. (nothing perverted mind you ;-p just trying to learn more by reading as much as I can) This is my first winter relying on wood as my primary and only source of heat. Last...
  3. P

    Feedback on Attack gasification boilers

    Hi! LOVE Hearth.com. Have been following it for a few years now- through my wood pellet boiler, my wood boiler and now- while researching gasification boilers. The Froling and Wood Gun have features that I like...but unfortunately, not prices I like! I have seen some reasonably priced...
  4. S

    short burn times

    Hi. I have a Napoleon 1402 insert and cannot get flame to last more than a few hours. I'm going through a lot of wood. I think I'm burning too hot according to the manual which says optimal pipe temperature is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The stove top thermometer I use is always higher than that...