carbon monoxide

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  1. F

    CO Issues with Lopi Large Flush Insert

    We've been in our home for two winters now, first with an old Buck 27000 and then a professionally installed Lopi Large Flush with no cat. Both of them were on the first floor of the house and ran their flue through a mason chimney. The Lopi installers actually added a couple more feet to the...
  2. Jerinmitchell

    New to wood burning - carbon monoxide alarm sounded at night

    Hello, I've just read through many helpful posts on the subject but can't seem to find the answer I'm seeking. We are new to wood burning and recently installed a Theca top loading stove in our yurt. In a few months use, the carbon monoxide alarm has sounded twice in the middle of the night...
  3. S

    Englander 28-3500 End of burn CO

    Hi All, I moved into a new home with an existing 28-3500 that is installed in a 12x20 basement (a basement under an addition that is not connected to the main basement) Blower is connected and ductwork runs to 3 vents upstairs and one vent to basement. Chimney is 24’ Selkirk that runs up the...
  4. H

    Help! We have this stove but we dont know how to use it!!

    My girlfriend has this stove in her sun room, but we are unsure if it is safe to use. I will attach photos maybe someone can shed some light on this thing. someone spent a lot of money to have it installed but i am not convinced the people who installed it knew what they were doing. It...
  5. CenterTree

    CO alarms set off during first burn of season...why?

    Basement 30NC. Freshly and Fully cleaned insulated SS flu. 4 year old stove. (burning every winter since installed). Woken at 3AM to the sound of all FOUR CO detectors and ONE smoke alarm. (though no smoke in house). One CO monitor is near basement Englander. One in stairwell. TWO...
  6. O

    Although I am freezing, I am a little bit afraid of my Schrock Coal Stove.

    My lightly used Shrock Coal Stove, made locally up the road by the Amish, is awaiting installation in the basement. I am sure it is a knock off of another brand. It is a simple, hopper feed type stove, with a shaker grate that you shake twice per day. There is an electric blower on the back...
  7. G

    Carbon monoxide leaking from wood stove?

    Hi, relatively new to heating with a wood stove. I moved into a new house a couple months ago that has an old Nashua wood stove in the basement. I've been burning wood for the last few weeks as the temperature drops. For safety, I have a combination CO/smoke detector in the basement and a Kidde...