New to wood burning - carbon monoxide alarm sounded at night

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Mar 7, 2022

I've just read through many helpful posts on the subject but can't seem to find the answer I'm seeking. We are new to wood burning and recently installed a Theca top loading stove in our yurt. In a few months use, the carbon monoxide alarm has sounded twice in the middle of the night which has us really concerned. We have had a run in with CO on vacation once so we take it very seriously!!

At home, we light the fire around 5 or 6 and let it die out before bed but I'm thinking the coals are still smoldering and causing the CO to build up in the small space. Should we be removing the coals before bed? Burning the coals completely? Leaving a window cracked? Can you please shed some light on best practices so we can sleep soundly at night?

New to wood burning - carbon monoxide alarm sounded at night
If the outdoor temperature is mild and the flue system is short, then draft may have reversed as the stove and flue system cooled down.