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  1. B

    Yurt Stove Recommendations at 9200 ft

    Hi, I've been lurking on here for a while, but wanted to get some feedback from the community. We have 40 acres at 9200ft in a remote location in Colorado. Our property is forested with unlimited timber, both live and dead. The wood, unfortunately, isn't of the highest caliber for burning, as...
  2. S

    5" to 6" DVL adapter for a Four Dog DX stove to 6" DVL pipe system?

    In my yurt I've got 6" DVL running up to the chimney. I've had a terrible time with an old Waterford leprechaun stove trying to get it hot in there. I've recently purchased a four dog DX based on many folks recommendations who live in offgrid yurts like mine full time in the area. My issue is...
  3. Y

    Just one more post about (traditional) yurts

    Hi all I've been driving myself a little research crazy over the past few days but it's been difficult to find a situation quite like mine, so some general input would be appreciated! I have a ~500 sq foot traditional yurt (which means 2 layers of ~1 inch thick wool felt insulation on the...
  4. Jerinmitchell

    New to wood burning - carbon monoxide alarm sounded at night

    Hello, I've just read through many helpful posts on the subject but can't seem to find the answer I'm seeking. We are new to wood burning and recently installed a Theca top loading stove in our yurt. In a few months use, the carbon monoxide alarm has sounded twice in the middle of the night...
  5. W

    Another Yurt thread; new stove buyer

    Such an interesting forum; first time poster and wood stove buyer here. Hoping for some thoughts and help outfitting our new 16-wall Freedom Yurt Cabin since it's getting closer to done. The four-season retreat is sited on a recreational property in West Virginia along the Maryland border...
  6. R

    dialing in Jotul stove size for 27' Yurt in Driftless Area, Wisconsin

    Seeking wisdom from my wood burning elders... I am building a 27-ft insulated yurt in Driftless area of Western Wisconsin. We plan to use this off-grid yurt as a 4-season family cabin. Been researching lots of stove options for this cold climate where we had a few days down below -30F this...
  7. A

    Heating 250 sq ft yurt

    Building a 250 sq ft yurt. I like the looks of the Morso Classic 2B but concerned about the 2 chambers on top come to meet the chimney pipe. Does this design complicate things? Compare to other small stoves - the small jotuls (forget the names) for example. Also the cigar box vs the smaller box...
  8. mama23

    Best Pre-made Hearth pads?

    Hi I need to install a wood stove in a yurt asap & don't have time to make a hearth pad. What are your recommendations on best pre-made hearth pad that I could likely pick up this weekend? Thanks! ps. & where might I go about purchasing one?