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  1. A

    Help Choosing Product for Mortar Repair

    I've owned my current home for (4) years and had the fireplace cleaned last year. The home was built in 1987 and I believe this is all original. I've yet to use the fireplace. Recently, while installing a chain screen some of the mortar or cement fell out between the exterior brick veneer and...
  2. St. Coemgen

    Your Opinions: Homestead Renovations, Fixing And Upgrading Our Chimney

    A Youtube Video: My main concern is this "bricky" (a UK term) is treating a stainless steel chimney like a masonry chimney and "bricking" it in at least on one side. I always thought a steal chimney needs some air space all around to dissipate heat and prevent issues. Or am I wrong? Is...
  3. N

    What Gauge Metal Studs for Vertical Brick Veneer Wall?

    Hello, I appreciated the input on my previous thread about building a non combustible wall and hearth for my upcoming Nectre N550 installation. I now have a more straightforward structural question: What gauge metal studs can i trust to support 1/2” cement board and thin brick veneer on a...
  4. R

    Wood stove rookie--questions on damper seal and insulation

    Hi all, I am just finalizing the installation of my new Ashley Hearth Fireplace Insert. A bit of background: I have an old stone fireplace with a 20 foot chimney chase. the chase is lined with clay, but am unsure of the condition of the clay. I installed a 20 foot flexible steel liner ( flexible...
  5. Chill in Northern VT

    Hearthstone iii Top Stones...Cement?

    Hi Everyone. I picked up a barely used little Hearthstone iii this year and we have been using it with great success after a thorough cleaning. We recently replaced the door/glass gaskets. After a day of 65+MPH winds and crazy gusting, I got some back-drafts out of the top of the stove that...
  6. P

    Can I use castable refractory cement to repair a metal part?

    I have a Waterford Erin (e) woodstove from 1988. The inside back plate has burned through and there is a significant hole in it now. Unfortunately the company doesn't make replacement parts for stoves this old, so I either have to repair it or get a whole new stove. I really love the stove, so...
  7. S

    Cracking plaster around fireplace

    Our fireplace was modified two years ago for a wood stove by installing a stainless opening up the existing fire box, installing a lintel, adding brick and cement board w/portland cement, installing a chimney liner, and then plastering over it all with 0:1:3 (cement: hydrated lime: sand). By...
  8. A

    Vermont Castings Resolute III Rebuild

    Well...here we go! I bought an older VC Resolute III and upon my first fire...smoke leaked from everywhere! Rebuild time! This is my first attempt. I ordered a new gasket kit and new cement. Today I completely disassembled the stove & started removing the surface rust. This will be a tedious...
  9. J

    1977 Vigilant rebuild advice please!

    I have a 1977 with a two piece fireback that stopped working last winter. We would build up the fire, open the secondary air, close the door, it would be at temp, but as soon as we closed the damper the fire would start to die. Upon inspection, I found that there was a gap between the bottom...
  10. K

    intrepid II rebuild?

    After MUCH searching on-line, it seems that the only rebuild manuals available are for larger VCs than the Intrepid -- maybe nobody thinks it is worth rebuilding this little guy. 1. Any Intrepid II rebuild manuals out there? (I think that I have a 1308, although I haven't entirely nailed that...