intrepid II rebuild?

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Jul 7, 2015
Urbana, IL
After MUCH searching on-line, it seems that the only rebuild manuals available are for larger VCs than the Intrepid -- maybe nobody thinks it is worth rebuilding this little guy.
1. Any Intrepid II rebuild manuals out there? (I think that I have a 1308, although I haven't entirely nailed that fact down.)
I have started the project, and some of it at least is intuitive. I am at the point that I would like to knock off the top and the sides -- so that I can clean and reapply cement into seams. Again, I have found meager information about this point of the process. Everyone shows the stove before and after, but not the amount of force used to bust the parts apart. I have a mallet and a block of wood, but still fear that I might crack the cast iron -- as the top hasn't budged yet. (I have unscrewed the holding nuts at the bottom of the stove).
2. Any rebuild videos showing the FULL process? / How much can I bang before cracking the cast iron?
A lot of advice I've seen has been the rebuild may not be worth it. I'm on the fence, but I feel that if I don't rebuild it -- I'd replace it with a cheaper stove (too bad), and I would go forward not knowing any more about how to maintain and keep my next stove going strong.
I love this forum, and I am quite new to (and inimidated by) this rebuild process! Thanks for any help!
I rebuilt mine in 2005. Only had the exploded parts diagram for reference. First pulled all the easy stuff...doors, griddle, grate etc. Built a simple "x" of 2x6s to slip under stove to support it while removing legs and bottom nuts to the 4 tie rods. Top casting lifted right off, prob because cement so deteriorated. The 4 rods came with it, since they thread into underside of top. Maybe yours stuck because of cement where they pass thru bottom casting.?
Once apart, I removed cement from grooves and used chalk to mark parts so I'd know extents of where to apply new cement. It took a bit of fussing getting some of the internal parts to sit back together during reassembly. My flat gaskets at some of the fixed parts were good so didn't replace those. Make sure you have straps or rope to cinch around outside to pull four sides tight together after you recement. Make sure the fireback etc all fitted in before then. The tie rods obviously will pull top and bottom tight together.
When done, only move by lifting from bottom casting otherwise you'll crack the seams apart.
Good luck.
Thanks elmoleaf! Just knowing that it was easy for you to lift the top is useful info, and thanks for other tips. (I'm not with my stove at this moment to check out why it's stuck so, but I'll get back to it this weekend.) If you care to share, do you heat 1,400 sq ft with your stove -- exclusively or supplementally? My catalyst hasn't really been working properly for years, and I'm wondering if I get it all in tip top shape -- and invest in a new catalyst, etc. -- if I'll be happy in my 1,000 sq ft space. (I might also start a new thread asking about putting it together without the catalyst system -- I remember Nyquiljunkie talking about that.)
Kord, I supplement with the stove. 1965 house, upgraded to tight envelope, low air leakage, new windows, etc. Stove at one end of house and 3 bedrooms at other end. Burn nights and weekend only, using about a cord per winter. Get only about one oil delivery per winter (hot water is electric).
Hard to say if your stove will be enough...really depends on how tight and insulated your house is, along with other variables. I love mine cause i can run it full tilt without cooking me out of the living room, but still manage to get enough warmth to the bedrooms.
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