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  1. K

    VC Intrepid Door Handle

    Has anyone swapped out the handle on their VC Intrepid Flexburn for a fixed one instead of the fall away? I cannot express how much I HATE, truly, deeply HATE the fall away handle. It doesn't sit well in the "holder" and falls out invariably rolling under the hot stove, my dogs think it's a...
  2. P

    Vermont Castings Intrepid 2023

    I bought a VC Intrepid earlier this summer. I used it for the first time 3 weeks ago. Suspected there was a problem with air control lever. I did 3 "break in" burns not exceeding 500F. On the 4th burn, I put on 4 logs and damped it down with damper and minimum air control. Within one hour I had...
  3. C

    Value of two wood stoves

    Hello, first time poster looking for some help with a couple wood stoves. One is a petit godin and the other is a VC Intrepid 1. I’m looking to sell them both but have no idea how much to ask for them. They have rust from sitting in a barn for years but otherwise seem to be in good shape.
  4. J

    vermont castings intrepid flexburn trouble controlling burn

    I am having trouble controlling the burn of my VC intrepid. I opted not to get the cat and have it installed with stainless liner in two story chimney. Starting end of the season last year I was often unable to control the burn using the air control. The damper will be closed and the air...
  5. N

    VC 1977 Vigilant Misc Part Identification

    just purchased a house with a Vermont castings 1977 stamped vigilant wood burning stove. From what I can tell its in working order. Previous owner used it. Seals seam to be good (dollar test), no seam leaks i can find. I do see a small gap between the flue and collar that connects the pipe to...
  6. T

    Should I Replace the Catalyst and Refractory Assembly on my Intrepid II?

    Hey everyone! Just bought a used Intrepid II Model 1303. I started cleaning it and noticed the chimneys of the refractory assembly are pretty much gone. I was wondering if this was worth changing or if I could wait a season? I've also noticed the catalyst is a bit burned and small parts of it...
  7. N

    Where to Put my stove?

    hi all. In the process of buying a house. We close end of this month! We bought a VC intrepid v1 in perfect condition. The wall we want to put it on has a baseboard for the oil heat. This would be ideal spot. Or location two would be on the opposite wall. But we also would like to put the TV on...
  8. N

    New “Old” Intrepid series 1

    Hi all, Just picked up this stove for 300$ It appears to be in many condition. Nothing seems warped. All hinges and levers seems to work great. Was owned by an older couple who traded it in for gas. We will be installing it in our new house next month. Total of 800sq feet. Using it to supplement...
  9. S

    Sauna Stove -- Original Intrepid?

    Hi there, I pulled an original and largely un-used Intrepid Vermont Castings stove from a unit in one of my parent's old houses. (Actually, it looks like it saw more use as an ash tray for cigarettes, possibly left over from when John Malkovich rented out the unit sometime around the late...
  10. M

    Chimney Fire Jitters

    So, we had what we suspect was a relatively minor chimney fire. Now I feel like I'm on high alert all the time and I'm kind of nervous whenever we have it running... which is always. Here's the particulars: New insulated stainless chimney installed up through the middle of the house. Installed...
  11. A

    VC Intrepid II Non-standard Glass Gasket

    I'm doing my first full replacement of gaskets on a Vermont Castings Intrepid II I bought used some years ago. I've replaced the door gasket before but this is my first for griddle and glass gaskets. The strange thing is the glass gasket. What is in there now appears to be non-standard, but at...
  12. K

    VC Intrepid bypass catalyst -- details?

    Wondering about temporary reconfiguring inside of VC Intrepid to bypass the catalytic system -- inspired by such a story on the forum. I believe I remember Nyquil Junkie doing this, but NJ never posted the details or pics -- it sounded potentially simple, though. If you are out there NJ, or...
  13. K

    intrepid II rebuild?

    After MUCH searching on-line, it seems that the only rebuild manuals available are for larger VCs than the Intrepid -- maybe nobody thinks it is worth rebuilding this little guy. 1. Any Intrepid II rebuild manuals out there? (I think that I have a 1308, although I haven't entirely nailed that...